Deep breaths, Baby steps

Invigorating is the term that comes to mind when I try to think about how it feels to finally be on the right passage for this life of mine. I know that fear of the unknown has kept me from getting started in the past. Actually, to be more accurate, fear of the unknown and fear of failure. Am I exactly where I want to be in life career wise right now? No. However, am I closer to it than I was a year or two ago? Yes. I live in the state I want to live in. I have inspiration all around me. And I have found my voice again. I don’t know how I had let the negative things that have happened in my life have the power to change who I was becoming… but I did. Now that the veil of resentment and self-righteousness has been lifted, I am who I always knew I truly was deep down. The girl I knew back in high school. The person I saw glimpses of when I was there for friends or loved ones. I put others before myself and the love I had for myself was very minuscule. Now, that has changed and I love and appreciate myself. I love this life. I love my family. And I love all and any opportunities I have been blessed with. God Bless. 333~

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